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Focusing on businesses and organisations in the Yarra Valley.

Looking to the Future

Yarra Valley Hosting’s mission is to provide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services to organisations, community groups,businesses and people living in the Yarra Valley including the Upper Yarra Valley.
We aim to achieve this by providing access to affordable web hosting, website development, software and hardware technical support and media services.

Technology permeates our lives in so many ways it seems essential that we maintain some connection to nature which is why the Yarra Valley is a wonderful environment to promote learning and sharing knowledge. Judd Zekas, Managing Director

Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.
Oscar Wilde

Our Culture

Our Goals
- To be present within the community and offer face to face support when desired.
- To care about those who are new to the realm of ICT or find it overwhelming.
- To understand those who value their time above keeping up with the rapid changes in technology.
- To provide a service that facilitates learning and sharing knowledge.
- To provide a service that allows the community to flourish economically.
- We are inspired by communities that seek to achieve sustainability.
- We are inspired by those who care for their environment.
- We are inspired by those who seek to create social change from a humanistic perspective.
- We are inspired by those who seek to create more employment.
- We are inspired by those who invest back into the community


We love working with our clients

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

What Clients Think

What some of our clients have to say about our service.